Warranty and Returns

Who is covered

This warranty is extended only to the original end-use purchaser or the person receiving the product as a gift, and shall not be extended to any other person or transferee.

What is covered by my product warranty?

Your product warranty covers any product malfunctions or product defects.

What is NOT covered by my product warranty?

The warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Damages caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes. 
  2. Modified from its original factory condition, any damages incurred during shipment, any damage caused by acts of nature, any damage due to vandalism, or any damages due to the improper installation of the product. (This includes not following instructions, installing your own hard drive in a DVR, cutting cables, cutting connectors off of a camera, or any modifications to your camera.)

What we will do

During the warranty period, we will, at our sole option, repair or replace any defective parts within a reasonable period of time. 

Refunds and Returns

We do not provide refunds and returns at this point of time. Please choose carefully as refunds and returns are not normally provided where you have simply changed your mind, or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere. We recommend you carefully preview any orders before adding them to your shopping cart and proceeding with your order.

Contact Us

Where you have any questions or concerns relating to your Order, please immediately contact our Customer Service.