High Definition CCTV Cameras & DVRs . 

No need to deal with blurry CCTV images. Switch to our HD CCTVS and DVRS for clearer and more reliable captures. Our cameras work with coacial cable (RG59/RG6 to deliver clear resolution of 720 or 1080p. 

Easy to Upgrade To High Definition (HD)

No need to worry about new cable systems because our CCTV/DVRs are designed to work with the original cable systems. You simply need to replace your previous CCTV system with the new one. 

Easy to Configure 

It is using private cloud-based architecture (P2P) – No port forwarding is required. All you have to do is to scan the QR code. 

The system is QR-code enabled, so port forwarding is no longer required.. The system uses cloud-based architecture (P2P).

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Night Vision Dome Camera

This Super Guard Night Vision Dome Camera is our hot product. 1.      ..

RM190.80 Ex Tax: RM180.00

Wireless Alarm

IPM Wireless Alarm ..

RM2,899.00 Ex Tax: RM2,899.00