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For many years, we have successfully supplied and installed home alarm systems, also known us intrusion detection system, all over Klang Valley. These intricate alarm systems can keep your life or the life of a family member safe when they’re inside your house. This is why it is important for you to contact a company that has experience and the technical knowledge in handling alarm systems, like EE Automation.


Our extensive experience has allowed us to master every alarm system in the market. We only recommend the best system to our customers, whether it’s for home or business security. And our resident experts have voted the Paradox Alarm system as the best alarm system in Malaysia. It is suitable to any security application. Paradox Alarm is known for its excellent reliability and stability.


What Alarm System Is Right For You?

Most consumers who are looking to buy an alarm system in Malaysia are often clueless about the kind of alarm system they should install in their home and business. We are here to tell you that it is not an easy task because you have to consider a lot of things like security requirements and your budget. Our job is to help you out by giving you useful information that will prove to be valuable when you select your alarm system.

What are Alarm Systems Made of?

  • Control Panel
    This is the CPU or the brain of a complete All the detection sensors installed around the property are fixed inside this control panel. The most popular models are SP4000, SP5500, SP6000 and SP7000.
  • Keypad (LED or LCD)
    This is simply the input device where you can enter security codes or the pin number to arm or disarm your alarm system. There are two types of keyboards, LED and LCD, which are offered at different prices. The LED version is cheaper than the LCD version because you can monitor the alarm’s status through the digital monitor.
    We recommend the K10H LED model and the K32LCD+ LCD model.
  • Internal and External Siren with Strobe Lights
    The sirens act as a warning device when an intruder enters your home. The loud noise will serve as a warning to intruders that  your family, home and business is well protected and that the proper authorities will be notified immediately.
  • PIR Motion Detectors (Normal Type)
    This Passive Infrared sensor detects movements of objects or people. Paradox 476 is the entry level PIR Motion Detector that we recommend.
  • PIR Motion Detectors (Pet Immune)
    The Pet Immune PIR sensors will not trigger off false alarms when your pet/s or other animals are moving around your house. The most cost effective Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector is the Paradox 476PET. It won’t be triggered by animals weighing up to 18kg. The Paradox DG75 is a higher end model of Pet Immune PIR Motion Detectors.
  • PIR Motion Detectors (Outdoor / Pet Immune)
    This type of PIR Motion Detector is designed for outdoor application. We recommend the Paradox Digigard DG85 because it’s design allows it to withstand water, snow, wind and dust. It can identify humans and ignore animals weighing up to 40KG.
  • Magnetic Door Sensors
    These sensors are divided into two parts and can placed on both the door and door frame or a window and window frame to detect if someone is trying to break inside.
  • Vibration Sensor (Shock Sensor)
    This sensor will trigger off the alarm system with the slightest disturbance on your door frame, window frame or even walls.
  • Photobeam
    The beam of light is merely used to monitor the entire premises and when the beam is broken, the alarm is triggered.

Wireless Alarm or Hard Wired Alarm?

Wireless Alarms like the MG5000 and MG5050, when compared to hard wired paradox alarm systems, is a lot more expensive and constant battery changes; however there is no cabling work involved so the installation is a lot simple and less expensive. It is very reliable but needs a little more maintenance work making it ideal for people who relocate to a new destination or a new home every now and then. We recommend the MG5000 and MG5050 for your Wireless Alarm needs.

Paradox Alarm Malaysia is sold only to qualified installers. Our company, EE Automation, is a Paradox Alarm authorized seller. So, don’t be shy and approach us right away because we are here to provide you the best advice, quality products and professional service.


Best Sellers:

Paradox Alarm (Spectra)

SP4000, SP5500, SP6000, SP7000

Paradox Wireless Alarm (Magellan)

MG5000, MG5050, MG6250


EE Automation is committed to customer satisfaction. For high quality home alarm systems and installation services, call us now at 03 – 8062 5891 or 012 – 639 8791. You can also learn more about our products and services if you visit our website.