Megapixel IP Camera

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How Does an IP Camera Work?


An IP network camera is plugged into a network switch which then transmits the data through the network. To make this functionality possible, a high speed internet connection is required; hence the more cameras attached to the network, the greater the bandwidth requirements.

IP cameras are completely digital. The benefit you get from this is that the video signal is not transformed at any stage of the transference
maintaining a high quality of video signal, while also ensuring the data integrity.

At EE Automation, we offer the best range of IP security cameras that will assist you in keeping an eye on your business or home.

The IP Cameras and NVRs come in a wide variety; for example,

  • IP Dome Network cameras
  • IP IR Bullet Network cameras
  • IP IR Array Bullet Network cameras
  • IP WDR Box cameras
  • IP PTZ Dome cameras
  • IP NVR

No matter what you choose we guarantee the following:

  • A high resolution video recording,
  • Remote video monitoring from any smart mobile device
  • Additional network options.

Megapixel Resolution

Among the security cameras available, IP cameras boast the latest technology providing Megapixel resolution video footage. Currently, features 10mp resolution. The captured video is transferred in the same format to be viewed on PC, tablets or smart phones. Time frames and camera shots can be stored on your hard drive.

You get a higher quality of image with IP cameras as compared to the analog cameras. You can even set the resolution of the image or the video according to your preference. With IP cameras, you can view the footage in real time, as well.

Before purchasing, you must be sure about your requirement and the place where it is going to be installed. For example you need to ask yourself:

  • Do I need to look at a wider area?
  • Do I want to see a video of vehicles going by?
  • Will I be required to zoom in to someone’s face, object, or license plate for an inquiry?

The IP Standard

The IP standard is Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) compliant, which lets you enjoy increase the compatibility with numerous devices. Allowing exchange of information across devices from the different manufacturers will let you enjoy interoperability.

Our IP Surveillance Solution

We supply high quality Megapixel IP cameras from the following brands:

  • Samsung Techwin
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Super Guard
  • HIKvision
  • Geovision and others.


Our company is constantly involved in providing IP Surveillance solutions to both private and government sectors. We offer trained technicians who are experienced in the installation of security equipment.


What we Recommend?
HIKvision is the leading brand offering high quality video surveillance equipment. You get a full range of CCTV cameras ranging from analog to IP cameras. The high resolution IP cameras, come in varying types like dome and PTZ cameras. They also have an NVR that can be set up within moments, which still come in affordable prices.

The new recorders by HIKvision can be easily set up by you making the installation hassle-free and cost-free. All this is only possible because they spent $100m annually on research and development.

As compared to our competitors, our technicians have a sound technical knowledge of operating these products. Furthermore, we also have competent network engineers on board who are always ready to customize and design a personalized IP Surveillance system for your needs.

If you have any query that needs to be answered or if you seek an advice regarding Megapixel IP Camera, security equipment, and its installation, visit us at any time or you could click here or call us on 03-8062 5891. 

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