Keyphone & PABX Systems

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EE Automation is one of the leading security solutions providers in Malaysia. We offer our clients a wide range of modern security equipment that will ensure the safety of their family, home, office or business establishment. We have technologically advanced equipment and a well-trained, experienced staff that will install a customized security solution for you so you don’t have to worry about anything.


We supply our clients with top of the line security equipment which include: CCTV systems, HD CCTV, IP Camera, hidden cameras, intercoms, barrier gate systems, alarm systems, keyphone system and PABX system.

What is a Keyphone or PABX System?

Businesses or buildings that require multiple lines of communication but don’t want to spend on the installation of multiple individual telephone lines should go for a Private Automatic Branch Exchange or PABX system. It involves the use of a keyphone that has multiple buttons for instant communication as well as an intelligent system that directs incoming calls to the right extensions.

An entire keyphone system consists of a PABX server and the single line phone or keyphone that includes the button-communication system and multiple telephone lines. The LED lights located on the phone console or on the handset shows the status of each telephone line and extension in the system; it will show whether the lines are busy, on hold or disconnected.  Both the analog and the internet enabled models of keyphone system are available in the market.

A keyphone system is more commonly used in a business setting. Many of the systems features can be used to facilitate better business communication like,

  • Call transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Call Holding
  • Caller ID
  • Shared telephone lines
  • Shared intercoms within the company


What Keyphone Systems Do We Carry?

The NEC and Panasonic keyphone systems available in Malaysia have multiple features that entice a lot of clients. At EE Automation, you can get both these keyphone systems along with our professional services. Both of these brands are equally powerful and recommended by businesses.

  • NEC Keyphone SL1000
    This keyphone system is best for small and medium sized businesses, small offices and SOHO. It is an efficient but affordable option because even though it’s sold at a lower price it still boasts the following features,
    • Built-in voice messaging service
    • Caller ID
    • Group listening
    • Call forwarding service
    • Toll restriction
    • Day/Night Mode
    • Extension Lock/ Dial Block
    • Hotline
    • Web-Based System Management
    • Long Conversation Alarm
  • Panasonic Keyphone KX-TES824
    This keyphone is best suited for small and medium sized businesses. It has the following features:
    • 3-Level Automatic Reception Along with Voice Guidance System
    • Call Forwarding
    • Uniform Call Distribution and Messaging
    • Day, Night and Lunch mode
    • 5- Party Conference
    • Call Activity Reports
    • Call Restriction
    • Electronic Station Lock
    • Limited Call Duration
    • Emergency Call Preset
    • Room Monitor
    • Can be extended up to 8 lines and 24 extensions

You can get these best-selling brands from EE Automation. For further inquiry or information you can click here. You can also call us at 03-8062 5891 or visit us at any time or any day. We will be there to help you with your request.