HD Analog Technology

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High Definition (HD) Video in CCTV’s has fast gained popularity since 2012. By replacing the standard analog CCTV camera systems and DVR with HD CCTV and HD Analog DVR you have upgraded your system manifold without any increase in daily operations cost. What’s more is that it will not require a change in the cable work done in your previous system. The new HD Analog technology allows you to transmit HD Video through the already existing standard coaxial RG cabling.

Who is Using HD Analog Technology Today?

HD CCTV’s are certainly the best available security equipment today. Regardless of its application you won’t find a better system in the market. With full HD CCTV you can enjoy a clearer and finer view of your home, business or any area you want monitored. The following are some of the most common business applications where a HD CCTV camera can be used,

  • At Shopping Mall Kiosks
    With HD CCTV you have a clearer view of your customers, staff and stock/product.
  • At Home
    Full HD CCTV allows you to keep an eye on your home, children, old parents and your maid while you’re away.
  • At Retail Shops
    With you can get a clear view on your customers and employees.
  • At Hospitals
    You can easily monitor all the hospital rooms especially the patients who are in critical conditions.
  • At Banks
    HD CCTV’s
    lets you get a detailed and close-up image of a possible suspect and also lets you monitor real-time security conditions.
  • At Bonded Warehouses
    You can monitor activities clearly with the Full HD CCTV.
  • At Schools
    Full HD CCTV helps you to keep a close eye on the school premises and students’ activities.

Comparing Different Analog Technologies

We compare different analog technologies below and you will understand which offer better technology and security solutions.

  • HD SDI
    The major manufacturers of the HD SDI camera have stopped producing this product because it is difficult to acquire spare parts; therefore we don’t recommend buying this.
  • HD CVI
    HD CVI is also an abandoned camera system with only one Chinese company producing it. They claim that their 1080p product offers 16 channel playback but multiple client testing have falsified these claims. The price is very much comparable to a TVI Camera based on manufacturer reputation and product standards.
    We recommend HD TVI CCTV because this technology is fast becoming the next standard and a very sustainable security solution. At EE Automation, we offer this product at the lowest rates plus you get added benefits like professional installation and services. It is led by HIKvision which is the universally accepted standard for HD CCTV.

Capabilities of HD TVI

  • High resolution megapixel video at a lower cost
  • Covers more area and images are seen in better detail

Benefits of HD TVI

  • You get 720 and 1080 megapixel resolution
  • Installation is very simple
  • It costs less than the standard IP solution
  • There is zero latency with no transmission delay
  • RG59, Cat 6 and Cat 5 cables are compatible
  • Transmits HD video up to 1600 feet
  • It is transition-friendly

Features of the HIKvision Turbo HD Analog Solution

  • Comes in HD 720p or HD 1080p
  • IP66 weatherproof rating
  • Smart IR for night time surveillance
  • Different lenses are also available

The Best Sellers of HD CCTV Cameras

Samsung HD Camera
SCO-5083R, SCO-L2043R, SCO-L2033RP, SCV-5083R, SCD-5083R, SCD-L2023RP,
SCD-5080, SCV-5085, SCV-5082, SCD-5082, SCD-5030, SCD-5020, SCV-5083, SCB-5005

Hikvision Turbo HD Camera
DS-2CE56C5T-IT1/IT3, DS-2CE56C5T-(A)VPIR3, DS-2CE56C2T-IT1/IT3, DS-2CE56C2T-IRM, DS-2CE56C2T-IR, DS-2CE56C2T-IR, DS-2CE56C5T-(A)VFIR, DS-2CE16C2T-IT1/IT3, DS-2CE16C2T-IT5, DS-2CE16C2T-IR, DS-2CE16C5T-IT1/IT3, DS-2CE16C5T-IT5, DS-2CE16C5T-(A)VFIR3

Avtech HD Camera
AV450A, AVT553A, DG205B, DG105A, AVT503SA, DG206A, DG104A, DG105SE, DG103A, DG102A, AVT420A

Super Guard HD Camera
SG-IR98, SG-IR99


Best Sellers (DVR)

Samsung HD DVR
SRD-1676D, SRD-1642

Hikvision Turbo HD DVR
DS-7204HGHI-SH /DS-7208HGHI-SH /DS-7216HGHI-SH, DS-7204HQHI-SH /DS-7208HQHI-SH, DS-7304HQHI-SH, DS-7308HQHI-SH, DS-7316HQHI-SH, DS-7304 HGHI-SH, DS-7308 HGHI-SH, DS-7316HGHI-SH, DS-7324HGHI-SH, DS-7332HGHI-SH, DS-8104HGHI-SH, DS-8108HGHI-SH, DS-8116HGHI-SH, DS-8104HQHI-SH, DS-8108HQHI-SH, DS-8116HQHI-SH


Avtech HD DVR
DG1004, AVT204, AVT208SE, AVT216SE

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