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CCTV System is currently one of the most popular form of security system in in homes, offices and commercial buildings. It is a convenient way to monitor an area by providing a video footage of the activities and any malicious movement for a certain period of time.

Modern technology has further added convenience with CCTV footages already being made available for remote and internet viewing.  When connected with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you can remotely access all of your CCTV cameras through any of your smart device like smartphones, tablets, or PC.

As the trusted specialist in security equipment and installation, we at EE Automation offer our customers state-of-the-art CCTV cameras that provide practical solutions to any form of security threat in both residential and commercial spaces.


Types of CCTV Cameras

  • Dome Camera
    The name of the Dome Camera comes from the dome-shaped houses. It is most suitable for indoor use. This type of CCTV cameracomes in two types– the Normal Dome and the IR Dome. The IR is superior form since it uses LEDs which surround the lens and enables it to capture footages even in total darkness. Here are a few recommended models of the Dome Camera: SG-900, SG-910, SCV-2120, SCV-2080, SCV-2081, SCD-3080, SCD-2080,SCD-2010/2030, SCD-2020/2040/2021, SCV-3080, SCV-2060,SCD-2010F, SCD-2060E, SCD-2080E, SCD-1020/1040, SCV-3082, SCD-1080, SCD-2022, SCD-2082, SCV-3083, SCD-5083, SCD-5020, SCV-5083, SCD-5030, SCD-5082, SCV-5085, SCV-5082, SCD-2021R,SCD-5080,
  • Weatherproof IR Camera
    Weatherproof IR camera is the perfect camera for outdoor securityalso It is currently marketed under different names, but it is also more popularly known as the Bullet Camera. Some recommended models are SCD-L2023RP, SCO-5083, SCO-L2033RP,SCO-L2043RP, SCV-5083R, SCO-L2023RP, SCO-2040R, SCD-5083R, SCO-2081IR, SCO-2080RH, SCP-3080R, SCO-2120R, SCO-2080R
  • Box Camera
    One of the standard cameras that has been used fordecades, the box camera is not sold with lens. The lens is supplied separately and comes in the following sizes:
    • 3.5-8mm,
    • 2.8-12mm
    • 6-60mm

Although more commonly used for indoor monitoring, with proper CCTV housing, it can also be used outdoor. Here are some models that we recommend SCB-5000, SCB-5005, SCZ-2373, SCB-5003, SCB-3003, SCZ-2273, SCB-2004 and SCB-2005.

  • Speed Dome Camera (PTZ Camera)
    This type of CCTV camera is best recommended outdoor, with large coverage areas, such as parking lots, warehouses and shopping malls. It is the biggest camera available in the market. It has the capacity to =pan, tilt, and zoom for maximum monitoring. It can zoom over 35 times. Some recommended models are SCP-2373, SCP-2372H, SCP-2273, SCP-2273H, SCP-3371, SCP-3371H, SCP-2371H, SCP-2271H, SCP-2371, SCP-2370RH, SCP-2271 and SCP-3370.
  • Spy Camera (Spy Cam or Hidden Camera)
    A spy camera is also known as a hidden camera.s. Pinhole lens is used so that they can be installed in a way that it becomes impossible to detect. A spy camera comes in the form of PIR alarm, smoke detector, clock or even a picture frame. Recommended models of hidden camera are SG-PIR 103 and SG-P108.
  • Digital Video Recorder (H.264 DVR)
    A DVR is available in the market in 4, 8 and 16 channels. It can be considered as the brain of the CCTV camera system and is used to store all kinds of video and settings. Recommended models are SRD-1656D, SRD-1676D, SRD-1680D, SRD-1642, SRD-1673D, SRD-1654D, SRD-1640 and SRD-1653D.

Our brands

Super Guard, Skycam, Samsung, Panasonic, HIK Vision, Dahua

We carry a wide range of CCTV system. We have the best type of camera for every building of area. If you have any queries regarding the CCTV cameras, DVR or CCTV prices, feel free to call us at 03-8062 5891 or 012 – 639 8791 at any time you like. 

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