Barrier Gate Systems

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Here at EE Automation, you can be assured that not only our products, but also our boom gate systems are technologically up-to-date and are among  the best that you can find in the market today. We have a wide range of security devices that can be installed both inside and outside buildings, residences, offices, public areas and eateries to help safeguard your premises. Along with that, we also offer professional and unmatched installation services that are difficult to find in this industry.

What is Barrier Gate System?


Barrier gate, also referred to as ‘boom gate’, or ‘parking barrier’ is a valuable security device that control and monitor the vehicles going in and out of the premises under guard. Barrier gate system is especially useful in areas or places where there is a heavy traffic of vehicles, such as factories, commercial oroffice buildings, and large residential compounds.


In fact barrier gate Malaysia is also extensively used at Toll Plazas to manage a high security level and to ensure that each passing vehicle pays the toll fee as they are supposed to.


How is Boom Gate Malaysia Installed?

Boom gate system or barrier gate system typically comes with an access control reader which is installed alongside the boom gate Malaysia. The access control reader comes in different types for example,

  • Proximity Card Reader
    The Proximity Card Reader does not require the security cart to be swapped or inserted into the device. This reader can recognize the proximity card or “contactless” card from a distance to provide instant and smooth entry.
  • Mid Range RFID Reader
    This reader is fed with a digital signal processing algorithm which allows high identification rate and can be used for multiple applications like warehouse management, anti-counterfeiting, access control and logistics. The range of this reader is larger as compared to Proximity Card Reader, but shorter than the Long Range RFID reader.
  • Long Range RFID Reader
    The long range reader works at a higher frequency than the other types of access control. The reader has the ability to transfer data at a faster rate and read from long ranges.

How Does the Barrier Gate System Work?


The vehicles that are allowed passage through the barrier gate are provided with an authorization card and as soon as they approach the barrier, the gate will automatically open.


There is usually a pole or a heavy bar that acts as the physical barrier of the system. The barrier comes in different sizes depending on the clients’ requirements. The different sizes that are currently available are,

  • 3 meter
  • 4.5 meter
  • 6 meter
  • 8 meter and
  • 12 meter.

The Wide Entrance Control in Barrier Gate System


A unique function known as ‘Master and Slave’ can also be incorporated into the barrier gate system. For this function, you must have 2 separate units or barriers installed. The movement of which will be synchronized with this function.


Once programmed, the gates will open and close simultaneously upon providing stimulus. However for a wider entrance control it is best to go for a single long bar barrier as the largest of the sizes can cover up to a width of 8 to 12 meter.


So, if you live in a vicinity that requires the Barrier Gate System or need one for your workplace, don’t hesitate to contact us at 03 – 8062 5891 or 012 – 405 8791 right away so we can help you draw up a plan that fits your budget and prerequisite, simultaneously.