Alarm System 

Protect your property with reliable alarm systems. Choose from the array of wired and wireless alarm systems carrying brands like IPM and Paradox all available from our updated inventory. 

We are proud to be a seller of Paradox and IPM products, which has been rated as the best brand for wired and wireless (hybrid) alarm system. This means that the system can function with both wireless and hardwired sensors, while also allowing you to install alarm sensors in other areas of the house without accessible alarm wiring. 

Alarm systems have been proven to significantly reduce the chances of break ins in any property. With this, it is important to choose only the best when it comes to your protection by using an alarm system that is made from the latest technology. 

All costs indicated in the product are not inclusive of installation fees. You may contact us at 016 – 639 2272 to inquire about our installation and cabling services. 

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Wireless Alarm

IPM Wireless Alarm ..

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